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Albert Dock Gin


The Albert Dock Gin was launched at the Albert Dock Food and Drink Festival in 2019. We'd been planning a gin especially for the bar, based in the Albert Dock, as soon as we signed the lease. There were so many delays on the bar it was actually released about 5 months before we opened! Which led to a few questions about why we had an 'Albert Dock Gin'

It's actually quite difficult to create an interesting house gin. It has to stay in the realms of tradition and be focussed around juniper - but also not be generic!

We decided on Kaffir Lime Leaves as a main part of the ingredients, we wanted it to be fresh and zesty and play its part in a cocktail - as it was going to go in a lot of cocktails. But at the same time not be so strong as to overpower anything it was added to - balance and tradition were the key.

We also decided we wanted to distill it in a London Dry style - sticking to one run or single batch gin. This meant that the gin isn't blended with any other distillation, or sweetened. There's nothing wrong with blending different distillations - we do this with a few gins - but we wanted Albert Dock Gin to be completely it's own gin.

It was important that the gin could be scaleable too - as a small distillery we have to be very careful to ensure we can scale recipes up that require more volume - ion something starts flying off the shelf we need to be able to distill a lot of it. And that was a right call - we sold out of our first and second batch during the Albert Dock Food & Drink Festival and also during the simultaneously held Gin To My Tonic festival.

The big test for a gin is to take it to a festival and give out samples. People are not shy about telling you if they don't like it - which is great feedback! On this occasion it was a hit first time. Sometimes we take a gin back after its first outing and tweak the next batch - but this absolutely landed - it was a relief!

Generally when you make your own food - it's very rare your pleased with something - you tend to just be relieved!

We serve this with Lemon and Lime in our bar, but it goes great with chilli, or ginger root slices, as well as apple. Kaffir Lime Leaves are used a lot in Thai cooking, so if you look there for inspiration in your garnishes you can't go wrong.

Check out the video above for a quick chat by me about the gin. Also check out and subscribe to our Youtube Channel here - not all videos are on the website.

Cheers Guys


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