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Cocktail #1 Negroni

Updated: May 11, 2020

So I love the Negroni. I love it's bitterness and complexity. There's a bunch of stories around it which are great too. How many cocktails are made by a Count?

Our favourite story is that upon his return from the U.S Count Negroni wanted something with more punch than his usual drink - which was an Americano. This is made up of Campari, Sweet Vermouth and Club Soda with a slice of lemon. He asked his friend a barman of Caffe Casoni in Italy, to strengthen this cocktail by replacing the club soda water with gin. The Negroni was born. Our favourite part is that he was returning from America after working with a circus for 18 months as a Rodeo Clown. Who knows it might even be true...

Turncoat Bar's Negroni uses Cascade Gin. It makes a great gin component of the cocktail. Cascade is a really unusual gin in that it has a big citrus hit from hop oils. These oils also create piny notes. As well as this the gin has a lot of Cardamom in its distillation. This makes it a complex gin within a complex cocktail. A lot of London Dry's add the dry spirit note to a Negroni, but can get lost. Whilst other gins that promote a particular botanical might not work alongside the other ingredients - while Cascade just seems to slide into the role and add its own flavour without taking centre stage - the new complex flavour blended together takes centre stage. Cascade is like a good quarter back, or some other mixed analogy...

Our Recipe is

37ml Cascade Gin

37ml Campari

37ml Antica Formula Vermouth

Use a tumbler style glass or Old Fashioned Glass - or ideally a Turncoat Glass. Fill with ice (not crushed) and pour the ingredients in. Stir for a very long time (see video...!). Garnish should be an orange - this can be dried, fresh or orange peel - or all three. We serve with Orange Peel and a dried Orange.

The measure is up to you but it needs to be in equal measures for balance. The Vermouth we use is very high quality and not readily available in shops so we've included links for all the ingredients. You can use Vermouth Rosso if you can't grab a bottle of the Antica Formula.

As part of my Cocktail Training during lockdown we've made a film of my attempt to make our Negroni. Check out my inadequacy and Alasdair's patience in the video above.

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