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Our Man in Sicily a Vapour Infused Gin

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Vapour Distillation - The Method

Vapour distillation involves all botanicals to be placed above the ethanol while it is being heated. The basket that holds these botanicals is sometimes called a Carter Head.

When the spirit is heated to the perfect temperature, this allows the alcohol vapour to pass through the botanicals. By doing this, the vapour infuses with the essential oils and flavours of the botanicals and takes these flavours with it as this vapour steam passes through the still.

Once the vapour turns back into liquid again this keeps those flavours trapped creating a more subtle flavour of gin compared to a classic London Dry.

Vapour infused gins are a less intense version of gins that have been classically distilled, due to the botanicals not sitting in, or macerating, directly in the ethanol. This resuots in a refined and easily drinkable gin, with much less harsher juniper aspects.

What Makes Our Man in Sicily Special

Our Man in Sicily is made using the vapour distillation method plus a blend of distilled Sicilian Lemon. Within the botanicals in our vapour distillation process, we create a secret mix of Sicilian herbs including Rosemary and Thyme. We designed this gin to be light and refreshing, whilst still having a balanced full flavour!

This month, you will receive 10% OFF any bottle of Our Man in Sicily purchased.

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