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Our New Home!

It's official!

We have spent months talking to the guys managing the Albert Dock in Liverpool about a space for us - and we've finally got it. The Royal Albert Dock Liverpool is a World Heritage Site full of Grade 1 Listed Buildings. It attracts around 1.2 million people per year from around the world and we're very keen to show the world our spirits and the standard of independent craft spirits in Liverpool and the UK.

After months securing the site, which is based underground in the vaults, we feel we're only just beginning the journey. We aim to create a space that is independent, welcoming and full of local and national craft drinks and food for people to enjoy. The space is cavernous, wreaks of speak easy vibes and is very cosy. Hopefully it will become a secret escape for locals and visitors alike.

Our planning permission is with the local council after designs and applications have been made by our friends at Jakesville Studio's. Being a Grade 1 Listed Building, this may get a little complicated as we preserve the amazing architecture of the building. But we aim to have a minimalist footprint on the beautiful architecture. Did you know the bricks at the Albert Dock were all hand made - all of them! There's amazing York-stone Flooring and high arches throughout.

We're going to need some help getting all this done and will keep you posted about progress.

We will also be launching a Kickstarter as soon as our planning is approved - this ensures we can offer some great rewards for those willing to give us a helloing hand.

Keep you posted!



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