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So so busy...

June and July are crazy for Gin Festivals! As a small team we really need to make sure we get to the ones that get our gins in front of people and also reflect what's important to us.

On the Friday Hannah supported the Bongo's Bingo Bar at Cocktails in the City with some top notch cocktails they created with our lovely Vodka. As always taking everything very seriously... It was great to have something on there and be involved in the event. Also very lovely of the Bongo's Bingo Team to have a local upstart like us front and runner for their spirits offer!

Rolf and Jasmine headed off on the same Friday to Roisters Gin Fever event in Sheffield - smashing out samples of Bold St Chai, Dragon Tears and Our Man in Sicily. It was a hot one and Our Man in Sicily was sampled to within an inch of its life - it's a great summer gin - really light and easy going and nice Sicilian Lemons.

Nobody puts Jasmine in the corner..

So that seemed to be the 'go to' gin over the weekend in Sheffield! Jasmine reported only passing out once, towards the end of the Saturday night, due to the heat.

As usual Rolf lost his patience within minutes of arriving... "No we don't do a pink gin. Next!"


Next up Hannah, recovering from Cocktails in the City, headed down to London with Terry to hit up the brilliant independent Enfield Gin Festival - one of our favourites.

The festival is a small one, with about 7 or 8 distillers.

Every stall had the distiller there talking about the gins and each one was small batch and independent. We love these types of festivals as everyone is on an even keel and passionate about what they make. It can be depressing being next to a multi million pound spirits company whose marketing budget is bigger than your entire company budget...

The bigger spirits companies, or ones that are really just a brand with no one person behind it, lose something when they use reps that are just doing a shift. Whilst there are some great reps and bartenders out there doing great events, it's not the same as talking to the actual makers. There's a lot of smoke and mirrors in the gin world - but that's another blog. Great to be involved in something very grassroots and independent. Organised by the Old Bakery Distillery - find out about them here.

Terry and Hannah are off to Cardiff this weekend for the massive Gin to My Tonic Festival - a first for Turncoat in Wales! This is a great festival that is huge! It really focusses on making sure the smaller independent companies are included alongside some of the bigger names - a really well rounded list of locals too in whichever city they go to. Check them out!

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