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The Singapore sling turncoat style

This week Alasdair has taught me how to create the Turncoat Singapore Sling. We also presented our version to the Prosecco and Gin Virtual Festival in the same week. So I had to get familiar with it and at least try and look like I knew what I was doing...

The Singapore Sling is a great versatile cocktail as you can swap out ingredients to your liking. This cocktail is the version we make at the bar. The history of the Singapore Sling is all aural so there's no official version. The recipes have been passed down from bartender to bartender.

The original story is that the cocktail was made in Raffles Hotel in Singapore. It was blend of two styles - a long gin drink and a 'sling'. Sling's being an older style of drinks using a spirit, sugar and flavoured. There are varieties of the Singapore Sling dating between 1915 and present day. Modern Singapore Slings tend to have much larger alcohol measures than those from many years ago.

We make ours with our Albert Dock Gin which is the house gin for our flagship Turncoat Bar in the Albert Dock. Albert Dock Gin is a great versatile gin we designed to work as a great ingredient for cocktails. It brings just enough to the table to add its own twist without taking over the cocktail. Albert Dock Gin has Kaffir Lime Leaves as a main component to distinguish it. We distill Albert Dock Gin in a one shot method - like a London Dry. The still is packed with Kaffir Lime Leaves! We also use a little Wasabi, as we believe the umamai helps balance the testiness of the lime. It adds a little heat - but hardly noticeable with the other ingredients. It is a really balanced gin.

The recipe is here:


Albert Dock Gin: 40ml

Pineapple Juice: 40ml

Cointreau: 15ml

Cherry Liqueur: 15ml

Add ice to a high ball glass, then pour these ingredients above, into the glass.

Once they've settled top up with

Soda Water

Garnish with Orange Slice - dehydrated preferably.

Then add a dash of:

Benedictine D.O.M Liqueur and let it settle through the glass - it looks lovely.


This is our recipe at the bar - but change aspects out to your liking. You don; have to use Cherry Liqueur - Cherry Brandy is great. Swap out the gin to see which works, or try with lemonade instead of soda water. A squeeze of Lime is great too.

Check out my first efforts above in the video. If you like these videos subscribe to our site here as well as Youtube. Not all our videos go into the blog so make sure you don't miss out by subscribing to YouTube here.

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