This London Dry Gin holds her secrets longer than most.  She shows botanical confidence alongside the work of a wayward Turncoat, blending into the background, but belonging nowhere.  Hers is a code of flavours to decipher.  She conspires to bribe your imagination.

Turncoat London Dry Gin 40% ABV 50cl

  • Our Flagship Turncoat London Dry is incredibly smooth, with Juniper on the after taste rather than a hit up front.  Slighly fruity, with some earthy notes created by Black Walnut Leaf.  This Gin is balanced and designed with versatility in mind - a sipping gin, a great Martini, a long refreshing GnT summer drink and it makes a great Pink Gin with Turncoat's House Bitters.


    It is a great long drink as a GnT garnished with Pink Grapefruit and Pomegranate Seed.  But as always Turn your own Coat and experiement!

  • If there's something not right about your Turncoat product let us know on with your email and order number and we'll do our best to get it sorted.