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We are an independent craft distiller owned and operated by the distillers.  Our spirits reflect the freedom we have to pursue quality and innovation over corporate bottom lines. 

 Turncoat is a distillery born out of secrecy and rebellion.  Our Head Distiller, one of the original craft brewers in the UK since 2010, turned rebel from his own brewery and founded Turncoat Distillery.  Turning his coat from his brewery he put together a small team of secret distillers, based in unrevealed settings, releasing unexpected spirits.  Turncoat is an independent distillery that is owned and led by its distillers. 


Former Craft Brewer in Liverpool. Turned Coat from his own Love Lane Pale Ale Brewery and set up Turncoat Distillery as Head Distiller.  Is a pain to work with.



Lead Operational Distiller. Turned Coat from years of teaching Science due to rubbish government targets. Regularly stops Terry setting himself on fire.


Rolf, Jasmine & Hannah

Rolf, Hannah and Jasmine run around making it happen across Liverpool and the UK. Long suffering.